Super Premix For Diabetes | 100% Natural | Protein Rich | Fiber Rich |200g| Flour mix| Batter mix | Atta mix



Hordeum Vulgare L. Eleusine Coracano(L)Gaertn.SSP.Coracana, Mangifera indica L., Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn., Bombax malabarico L, Diospyros peregrina Gurke, Dolichos biflorus L,Nymphaea alba Linn



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This pack contains 200gms of Beat Sugars: Super Premix.This one of a kind all natural super premix when added to flour/batter will not alter the original taste of your dish but will significantly reduce the associated blood sugar spike & hunger spikes. Add the pre mix to prepare your flour/batter based dishes to enjoy your delicious favourites, guilt free!


Who doesnt like their rotis, dosas, idlys or puri’s or samosa’s. Is Diabetes pulling you back from eating them due to a concern of raised blood sugar levels? The Super Premix fixes spike of blood sugar levels & helps you balance your sugar & hunger levels while not missing out on your favourite traditional food

How to use:

Add 200g of Premix to 1 kg of dry flour/wet batter to prepare your favourite food. One huge scoop in a table spoon will be approximately 20g.For example, add 20% of Super Premix to to your every day dry flour/ wet batter for best results. Can be used used for making idli, rotis, dosa, breads, dhokla, pancakes, samosas, puris, etc. After eating please drink adequate quantity of water as the Pre mix is protein & fibre rich. You will not feel hungry for next few hours.


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