Super Snacks For Diabetics | No Sugar Spikes | Low GI |100% Natural | 0% Sugar | Protein Rich | Fiber Rich |Lime Chilli | Pack Of 6 x 25g



Barley, Finger Millet, Horse Gram, Mango, Waterlily, Tendu Fruit, Semal Flower, Water, Lime Chilli Flavour (Natural)


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About the Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

No Sugar Spikes & Hunger Spikes: While we are clinically validating the claims, hundreds of Type 1 diabetics, Type 2 diabetics & Gestational diabetics benefited by not experiencing blood sugar spikes or hunger spikes for four hours after just having 25g of the healthy Snacks for diabetics

100% natural & research backed: The best snacks for diabetics are made with whole natural ingredients that help diabetics with blood sugar spikes, cholesterol & weight management. The ancient literature recommends the super ingredients for diabetics and the modern-day research has validated the same by proving that the healthy snacks for diabetics tackles blood sugar levels in more than four ways

Great taste & Complete nutrition: What is food without great taste? Hence, we have spent countless days to ensure that the healthy snacks for diabetics taste great while providing complete nutrition with low net carbs & rich in protein & other essential nutrients



No blood sugar level spikes or hunger spikes after eating. How? LOW GI, HIGH FIBER (LOW NET CARBS), HIGH PROTEIN, FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS such as Barley & Indian Persimmon  as regulate enzymes like pancreatic amylase and intestinal alpha glucosidase which promote glucose absorption.

Continuous consumption could help manage cholesterol levels & weight.


How to use

Have a pouch of the sugar free, healthy snacks for diabetics to Munch, Brunch or Lunch. After eating please drink adequate quantity of water as the snacks are protein & fibre rich. You will not feel hungry for next few hours.


Why buy 6 when you can buy 1?

Like all good habits the benefits of consuming this super nutritious & functional snacks made specifically for people with diabetes are more evident after regular consumption.


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