Well Woman | Super Snacks for Wellness| Barbeque |100% Natural |0% Cholesterol | Fiber Rich | Protein Rich | Iron Rich| Pack Of 6 x 25g



Barley, Finger Millet, Horse Gram, Drumstick, Tendu Fruit, Water, Cheesy Barbeque Flavour (Natural)


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About this item
  • Anemia Prevention & Weight Management: While we are clinically validating the claims, many women benefited by improvement in their weight management & their blood Haemoglobin level (indicator of anemia in the body) after regular consumption of the Well Woman Super Snacks.
  • 100% natural & research backed: The snacks are made with whole natural ingredients that help with anemia prevention & weight management. Ancient literature recommends the super ingredients for people with anemia & weight management issues and the modern-day research has validated the same by proving that the Well Woman super snacks made from the ingredients act to improve blood Hemoglobin levels & help with weight management in our bodies.
  • Great taste & Complete nutrition: What is food without great taste? Hence, we have spent countless days to ensure that the Super snacks for women taste great while providing complete nutrition with low net carbs and are extremely rich in protein, fibre, iron & calcium. All these advantages are intact as the snacks are carefully baked not fried.


Almost every Indian woman has a 50% chance that she could have anemia or weight concerns. To address the same, we came up with the Well Woman Super Snacks: the 100% natural, wholesome & tasty snacks carefully made with ingredients mentioned in ancient literature & the results backed by research. Regular guilt free snacking will empower women with the ideal nutrition, will prevent anaemia & help them manage their weight.

How to use

Have a pouch of the snacks to Munch, Brunch or Lunch. After eating please drink adequate quantity of water as the snacks are protein & fibre rich. You will not feel hungry for next few hours.

Why buy 6 when you can buy 1?

Like all good habits the benefits of consuming this super nutritious & functional food are more evident after regular consumption.

This pack contains 6 packs of Well Woman: Super Snacks.



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