Healthy eating is about choosing smartly and at the same time enjoying your food. Super food products is one place where you can find full range of healthy options to full fill you cravings in a healthy way. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and doctor advised only way to control is with a no sugar & maintain healthy diet and loose weight. Initially it was tough to control my cravings. Then I was introduced to superfoods. Which has drastically improved my sugar levels but at the same time full fill my cravings .

Srinivas Reddy, Operations Manager


A habit that can over ride any diet is snacking. I’m glad I found a healthy alternative for snacking through super foods’s Well Woman range. Best thing is that I don’t have to compromise on the taste and variety.

Sneha, Operations Manager


2022 marks the beginning of a brand that is dedicated to your WELL-BEING.

SuperFoods4U is an outcome focused health food brand providing you with contemporary and tasty food made of ingredients mentioned since ancient times.The best part is that the 100% natural foods are not only tasty but also well researched.

this is our story

Being a doctor, I could only advise my patients to eat healthy by consuming certain foods, however, a perfect blend of nutrition and tasty meal options aren’t available in modern-day stores. Hence, we came up with Superfoods4u, which makes delicious foods according to the modern-day palate by using all natural & functional ingredients mentioned in ancient literature and formulating recipes backed by science. 

Our name Superfoods4u distinctly signifies our mission. Bringing the goodness of 100% natural and vegan ingredients sourced from fields and forests to make delectable superfoods that are also backed by research & science to not only improve the quality of life but also bring a huge smile to our customers’ faces with its exotic taste.